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Unraveling Real Property Issues in Butte County, California

Neglected real property issues can get more complicated with time - don't delay taking action!

Many times, the pursuit to resolve real property issues are put on hold. But the longer the issues are left unresolved, the more opportunity there is for other complication to arise. Depending on the real property issue, complications can be in the form of the death of a co-owner of property or the continued use of private property by someone other than the land owner leading to a prescriptive easement. Whatever the real property issue and its complications, call a real property attorney at the Law Office of Raoul J. LeClerc to get informed about your legal remedies, timelines and the potential consequences if the problem is not resolved.

Protecting you against unexpected problems

Again, real estate matters can get complicated quickly. Make sure you retain the right real property attorney to help you both in and out of court. Contact the Law Office of Raoul J. LeClerc in Oroville, Butte County, California for your real property issues which include:

•Property Purchase Contract Review
•Lease Preparation and Disputes
•Property Disputes
•Title Searches
•Ownership Concerns
•Chain of Title Issues
•Boundary Line Disputes
•Landlord / Tenant Actions (unlawful detainer)
•Mobile Home Transfers

Attorney Raoul J. LeClerc is experienced with all legal issues related to real estate and real property transactions. Get in touch with his law firm today and get the advice and legal support you need from a trusted real property attorney.